“ARBO” – City Expansion on the Railway Station Areal

Bolzano, Italy, 2011
International Competition, First Prize
Ivan Rinaldi
Boris Podrecca, Paolo Desideri, Theo Hotz

The project proposes a large-scale relocation of the railroad line. As a result, a new city district that is optimally connected to the existing center can arise. A separating element up to now, the old railroad line will become a combining clip: a green expanse that provides anattractive recreational and movement space as a “linear park.”

A new multifunctional city district closely linked to the center can develop in the northern half of the area. In proportion, dimension and characteristic style, the proposed development follows the historic structure. In the southern part, between the new railroad line and the river, a city district that is coded differently in an urban planning and morphological sense, with educational and service facilities, embedded in a park landscape, thus unfolds. The whole new urban corpus is to be traversed by pedestrian-free, resp., pedestrianfriendly open spaces lined with trees.