Austrian Academy of Sciences

Vienna, 2022
Campus of the Academy of Sciences in parts of the Jesuit Monastery
Teresa Wolf, Eric Jentzsch
Riepl Kaufmann Bammer

The public space in the building ensemble of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is understood as a recognizable whole in its external appearance. The interior open space - as a hortus conclusus formerly a kitchen garden of the Jesuits - becomes accessible to the public for the first time: with the character of a contemplative garden.
Enclosed by a walkable frame, a quiet garden space unfolds, the southern side of which is designed as a paved plaza with planted islands. A linear bench on the long side of the garden marks the boundary to the area still used by the Jesuits. In addition to the existing horse chestnut, two sophoras were planted. In the planting islands are multi-stemmed hop trees, magnolias and flowering crabapples. The presence of the academy towards the city is open and generous: Coming from the city Centre the visitors find an attractive entrance. This section of the street is designed as a square where, after cutting back the existing taxus, an inviting urban space has been created.