Central Park Baku - 1.phase: 'Long islands'

Baku, Azerbaijan, 2019
Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic
Ivana Kucirkova, Ivan Rinaldi
Hoffmann Janz Architects

In Baku, in four stages, a new Central Park will be built on a site of 58ha. This project is part of an ambitious urban development that will create more green spaces and recreational areas in a central city location and thus sustainably improve the quality of life in this town on the Caspian Sea with 2.2 million inhabitants. The park unfolds on a slope of 8-10%; the first stage of the park is intersected by previously constructed highways. A modulated topography creates a landscape in which these traffic arteries disappear among hills. This phase includes, besides other elements, a public square which is floating above the highways, a bridge and the redesign of the public spaces in front of the National Theatre it the east. The new mosque garden represents a key element, which extends over 1.1ha north of the mosque. Around 1.200 new trees have been planted, increasing biodiversity in the city significantly.