Central Park Baku - 2.Phase: 'Forest hill'

Baku, Azerbaijan, 2022
Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic
Ivana Kucirkova, Ivan Rinaldi
Hoffmann Janz Architects

This part of the Central Park has a special character, designed as a forested area that will develop over a steep slope - with diverse types of conifers, evergreen deciduous trees and those that change their foliage. Retaining walls structure the park, which has three landscape terraces: Flat glades, one of them a large meadow and two designed as spacious playgrounds. Along curved paths the park is also accessible by wheelchair and buggies. The Forest Boulevard forms the urban brooch within this park setting. Connecting different parts of the city it cuts through the forest in a sequence of stairs and smaller squares with pergolas providing shade. It leads to a plaza with water cascade and a café-restaurant, whose roof terrace offers an impressive view of the sea.