Friedhof Ohlsdorf - Metamorphose zur Parklandschaft

Hamburg, 2018 to 2040
Pilot project for the conversion of a cemetery into a public park
together with Herr & Schnell architects (observation tower)

Inszenierung der Stille

The Ohlsdorf cemetery, a park-like burial ground, is gradually transforming into a poetic recreational landscape with relatively little maintenance. Parts of the cemetery area develop into a for Hamburg attractive public green space with different images of nature and atmospheric inlays. Basis of the interventions is to preserve the prominence of this place for Hamburg's city history. The first phase includes the construction of two observation towers, together with Herr & Schnell architects.


solid                      intensive maintenance
entchanted          extensive maintenance
wild                        almost no maintenance


© Foto 1-5 Daniele Ansidei