Mosque Garden Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan, 2019
Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic
Ivana Kucirkova, Ivan Rinaldi
Hoffmann Janz Architects

Mosque Garden

The garden for the Taza Pir Mosque in Baku is built as a rooftop over an underground garage. Being a part of the Central Park it follows a particular design in the tradition of islamic gardens. Framed by cypressus and pomegranates, the garden enfolds in different compartments. The planting concept is based on the prestigious and decorative expectations of this special place. The carpet-like mosaic layout is underlined by the diligent choice of suitable plants. The changing effect of groundcovers, perennials and herbs, which bloom at different times, is supported by reliable and colourful groundcover roses. Herbal species like Lavandula or Rosmarinus guarantee not only wonderful planting formations but also attract the sense of smell of the visitors. Evergreen lines of Eleagnus ebbingei along the water axis and Oleander plantings along the pathways underline the importance of axis in ornamental gardens and serve also as direction guidance to the Mosque itself. Water is a key element of the layout structuring the site in linear way as well as by a central fountain.