Turner Temple

Turner Temple Place of Rememberance

Vienna, 2012
Invited Competition, together with Artists Andraschek/Lobnig
~ 600m²
City of Vienna / Art in Urban Public Space
Teresa Wolf, Michael v. Ciriacy-Wantrup
Turner Temple
Turner Temple
Turner Temple
Turner Temple - Floor mosaics
Turner Temple
Turner Temple - view from top
Turner Temple - ground-plan

The open space is located in a part of an area where the Turner Temple, which was destroyed during the Pogrom Night of November 9/10, 1938, once stood. It was necessary to develop a generally usable open space.

The small plaza, with six existing lindens, opens itself, so to speak, as an imaginary space of the roof truss after the fire: like a scream that shatters the silence. It is a symbolic image, graphic design and furnishing at the same time a piece of reflexive archaeology, consisting of anthracite-colored concrete beams that are set into the gravel surface they grow out of. A distinct sign that maintains visibility and creates ambivalence at the same moment. Floor mosaics under the trees serve as images mediating between the pastand the present. With fruits borrowed from the Torah, which likewise point to the everyday lives of migrants today who will predominantly use this public space.